Starship Actions:


Inspire Crew: The Commander may use class abilities to inspire the crew, or choose a number of crew members equal to their charisma modifier – they gain a +2 on all skill checks for the round 
Tactical Orders: Commander makes a DC 15 Tactics check and chooses offense or defense. The ship gains a +1 to hit or AC respectively, plus another 1 for each 5 the commander's check exceeds 15. 

The pilot is in charge of moving the ship, with the usual options, as well as the following:
Evasive maneuvers: The pilot makes a DC 15 pilot check, granting +1 ac +1 for each 5 they exceed the DC. By applying a -4 modifier to ship attacks, they can grant an additional +2, or by denying any targeting solutions they can grant an additional +4. 

There can be up to one co-pilot aiding the pilot.


Attack with a starship weapon: 

Provide Cover Fire: Instead of firing for effect, the gunner can grant +2 ac with their weapon against attacks made in range (often point defense or a secondary weapon). 

Sensor Operator or Electronic Warfare Officer: (one per system)

Jam Transmissions: Opposed Computer check vs one enemy starship in range

Jam Targeting: Opposed Computer Check to negate enemy ship's computer bonus to attacks

Pinpoint Targeting: Engineering Check DC 15 + enemy ship countermeasures – crit on 19-20, critical hits automatically target the selected subsystem, and critical confirmation rolls receive a +1 bonus +1 per 5 the sensor operator exceeded the DC.


Reroute Power: with a DC 15 engineering check, the engineer can disable or reduce power to one system to boost another, with the following effects:

Restore Shields: Restores HD of shields equal to 1 + 1 per 5 the engineer exceeds a DC 15 repair check. 

Restore System: A repair check of DC 15, 20, or 25 is necessary to restore a system depending on whether it is glitching, malfunctioning, or wrecked. Each success moves the system up the track towards fully functional. 







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